Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 2 of touring-Great Wall

 Blogging is harder this time (shocker)!  Working on post still.  Sleep has trumped all.  Plus we have just finished re-packing for the flight to Changsha and cable to upload pics is buried deep in luggage.   We didn't see much of the GW this time... snow and ice made it too difficult to navigate.  There were crazy Chinese women there in heels, as usual!!  Mark took AK up a bit further than I went and it kinda freaked me out, but they had a great time.  Too snowy for much a view, though. 

 Monday morning, 2 am here... we have all been up since 12:30.  Our sleep schedules are so messed up, esp. AK, despite efforts to adjust.  We have to be up at 4:30 am because we have really early flights so we have time to go to the hotel before the big moment.  It seems surreal that we are only about 12ish hours away from meeting Olivia at last.  We went to the Peking Acrobat show last night and it was incredible.  Poor AK was of course scared and spent the show with ears plugged, sucking on Bobo, and wailing when a particularly scary costume -- or the clown-- appeared.  She was mesmerized the rest of the time and said she liked it afterwards.  Ha.  She also slept the last 10 min of the show.  

Mark is currently mesmerized by a horrible 90's movie called "Hackers" with Angelina Jolie looking extra freaky w/ short hair.  LOLOL.


  1. Happy to be following along - would be happier to be bumping into you on the streets of GZ again :( We're still plodding along in the earliest early stages of adoption #2. Been a rough start for us with some other stuff that came up in the house and had to be renovated or else :(

    Ugh. Enough about me!

    I am truly so excited for you and your expanding family. Ting Ting has no idea the blessings that are coming her way in just hours!!!!!!

    Blessings to you all.

  2. Oh, Kimberly! I cannot believe how close you are to this dream! I know you and Mark and AK are so very excited...and I know Ting Ting is beside herself as well. Cannot wait to see you all in the first family photo!!! Love you much! Be safe and skype when you can!

  3. It's Mon a.m. and I'm praying for you four that you're having a wonderful family forever day. Cannot wait to see the latest post. Plus, when do we Skype? We're not at all anxious or anything!
    We love you all.

  4. Praying hard for Ting Ting and for you. What a day! We're so excited to meet our new sister, and hope that your first moments with her are wonderful.