Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy birthday, Ting Ting!

Ting Ting's tenth birthday was last Thursday... just one week before we are scheduled to leave for China to meet her and bring her home.  

We were blessed to receive new photos of her birthday party-- on her actual birthday, can you believe it??--  and a letter she wrote to us just after the New Year.  She was rather chatty in the letter, and told us all about a big snow they had in Hunan and how much she ate at the celebrations for the Spring Festival.  

The best part, though, was when she said she was happy to be joining our family. 

We've wondered how she felt.  After all, the nerves and excitement are about equal for Mark and me, and we are not leaving behind all we've ever known to start a new life.  It's one thing to wish for a family, and another to be facing the inevitable changes and challenges.   We are happy, and praying that she will be, with us. 

We are so excited and thankful to be Ting Ting's family.  Only FIVE more sleeps (as Anna Kathryn would say) until we meet Ting Ting!!!

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  1. Hi my name is Lisa and I just got the link to your blog from Phyllis P. I am adopting from the same orphanage that your daughter is from. We hope to go in May. I was looking at her b'day picture and I believe the little girl on the left looking at the cake is my daughter. I was wondering if you received any more photos of this day with her in it? My daughters b'day is today and we sent her a cake but I have not received any photos. I hope to read more about your trip. Thanks so much. Lisa