Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adoption day!

Tuesday morning she struggled again before breakfast but was brighter by the time we headed for the civil affairs office for the official adoption proceedings.  Mark and I were frankly a little worried she might change her mind about being adopted but she agreed without hesitation and once it was all over she seemed relieved and very happy.  It was truly awesome to see her write on the documents that she wanted to be adopted by us and place her red handprint on the document to seal the adoption.  The civil affairs officials told us that we have a spicy girl in Ting Ting!  They were charmed by AK, too, and let her make a red handprint on a piece of plain paper to show that she is an official little sister to TT.  It was a nerve-wracking but exhilarating morning, and at the end we were a family of four, with two spicy girls! 

In the great American tradition, we celebrated by going to Wal-Mart (to buy snacks, water, and juice) and eat lunch at McDonald's.   Later that afternoon we went swimming and it was TT's first time.  We took her to the pool just to look at it first, and she was willing.  Thankfully, the swimsuit I bought her fit just right and after a lot of confusing conversation with the swimming pool staff about swim caps and fees, we took the plunge.  She loved it and it was a great way to play and build trust and memories.  

Mark and I are worn out taking care of both our spicy girls and sleep tends to win out over blogging and emailing.  Please know that we are so thankful for all the prayers and encouraged by all messages!  China is an amazing place but we feel the distance from home.  

Love, Kimberly for all four of us!

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