Saturday, March 5, 2011

Made it to Guangzhou!

This is paraphrased from some emails Kimberly and I exchanged.  Maggie and I Skyped with her and the girls tonight (today their time) and it was so good to talk to them.

Hey!!  First time I've been online since Thurs night since they charge for wifi @ the China Hotel.  GZ is awesome... It feels (almost) like home + China.  I love GZ and was honestly really glad to leave Changsha.  Friday AM was a rough one for all of us... TT was worked up over the flight and leaving, AK was a GROUCH, and I didn't feel so great.  Bleh.  We tried to Skype with Hill and the girls but the connection was bad and we were still in the midst of an episode with TT.  Other than being horribly airsick on the flight (good times) she liked it and was so well behaved.  She is a bit more relaxed here in GZ and we LOVE the hotel.  I could stay here the whole 2 weeks and be happy.  We see more and more of her sweet and funny personality each day.  This morning at breakfast she carefully counted out 1 banana and 2 grapes per person and brought them to us.  Amy, our guide, says she is one of the happiest older kids she has seen with a new family, which was reassuring.   

The park (Yuexia, I think) across the street is awesome!  We explored a little yesterday and plan to go a lot over the next few days.  The girls are dying to do the paddle boats. 

TT is having a great time in GZ and has become buddies already with the oldest daughter of the Davison family (8 yrs old but taller than TT!).  AK is super happy to be with her "buddy" Jonah.  Riley, their 8 yr old daughter, is already planning their wedding LOL.  We survived the med exam yesterday (she was nervous about that too) and the TB test.  No vaccines thank goodness-- so glad we do not have to go thru that.  The med exam was a zoo as always.  While we were there I met MissCourtneyK from RQ and little Joshua.  She is super nice and he is a cutie!  

We have sightseeing today, go back to Shamian for the TB test to be read (3 of the 4 kids in our group had to have them done)  and shop tomorrow.  I think Tues is a free day and Wed is our CA.  Apparently with the new proc. starting last week on March 1 things have not been super smooth at the consulate so pray for that!  We have to present our docs in person, then the swearing in is immediately after.  I will say that because Hague requires so much paperwork before you travel, there is much less to do here which is sooooo nice.

We leave Thursday AM for HK, so have the afternoon and evening there!  Kinda excited about that!

When Kimberly wrote this, they hadn't shelled out for internet in their room yet, so she was down in the Starbucks in the bottom of the China Hotel.  She had forgotten the camera and cord so no pics in this post.

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