Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Short update....more to come!

I got an email from Kimberly and they are having a lot of internet trouble in Changsha.  She said she was able to talk with someone at the hotel with the help of their guide.  No pictures, yet, though!  Here's what she had to say about Gotcha Day.

"We have Ting Ting and she is adorable.  VERY active. (heehee--if you know AK at ALL, that is the very description of her as well!--A) She was jumping, happy so excited at the civil affairs office.  She grieved HARD yesterday night and threw up 3 times between a bad case of carsickness and nerves.    Today has been much better and she was happy at the adoption.  She is sweet and bubbly and really very affectionate.  

We have been without internet since Sun. night ... our guide helped me talk to the hotel staff about connection because was not successful yesterday.  Monday left hotel at 5:40 am, arrived Changsha 11ish.  Got settled at hotel, ate lunch at Food Street.  Hunan cuisine leans heavily towards organ meats, feet and ears,  and creatures Americans do not normally eat. Some of the more scary options were: dog meat hot pot, stewed snake and (get ready) stewed chicken with ox penis.  YIKES.  And this is at the 5 star hotel, not the corner cafe, KWIM?  We opted for rice, sliced soy beef and dumplings.  LOL.  It was delicious and not too weird."  

Keep praying for all of them!  Lots of changes in a short amount of time.  I will update again when I hear more.  I can't wait to see pics! :D


  1. So glad that she is so happy! We are so happy too! Can't wait for the pictures of my neice!!!

    The food choices would certainly scare me! The stewed stuff sounds especially gross. I suppose some like that....

    Lots of prayers coming your way. The girls are excited to visit and I booked our hotel last night! We miss you and are so happy for you!

    Lot of love to all 4 of you!!!

  2. So glad you have her & things are going well. We are praying for you all and especially Ting Ting. BTW, Blogger doesn't work from China because it's government blocked. It was not blocked on our first adoptions because we were there around the Olympics & they were unblocked for a short period of time to look good to the news media:) We used "YouBelong.com" on our trip last year & it worked great from all areas we were in. Be safe!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures! So glad that Ting Ting is excited and enthusiastic!! Good luck finding tasty, edible goodies to eat. I'm adventurous, but certainly most of those food selections would freak me out too :) Blessings to your family of 4.